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My Radio Show Debut now available for listening!

I was invited to talk about my book "Hairnets and Aprons, The Story of a Lunch Lady" a few months ago on a radio show "Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly."  Here is the youtube link so you can listen. 

Listen to me on the radio today!

Today I’ll be talking about my book “Hairnets and Aprons, The Story of a Lunch Lady” on the radio!  You can listen on the link below.  You can even call in! 

Ad for my book in SNAPa booklet!

If you are visiting the SNAPa (School Nutrition Association of Pennsylvania) conference August 7-8,9, 2017, please notice my ad for my book “Hairnets and Aprons, The Story of a LunchLady” in the program booklet!  Remember you can buy my book on Amazon or Createspace.  See the link on this website.  


What does it take to close your school for the summer?

What’s involved at the end of the year to close your school for the summer?  Here are some of the things, as manager, I’m required to do.

First of all, I get three paid days, well…actually I get two and ¾ days to close my school.  I say ¾ of a day since I have to serve breakfast that last day of school.  The students are only there for 2 hours but you know… they need breakfast.  The rest of that last day, I usually clean my oven, finish cleaning all the large carts (scrubbing with bleach water) and start inventory.
Inventory can take a lot of time.  Every single item you have must be inventoried.  One bag of gravy, inventory it.  ½ case of spaghetti, inventory it.  You get my point.  Also all your cleaning supplies and such, inventory it.  Foil, wraps, bags…   everything… inventoried. First you write it down, then you have to go to the computer and type it all in.  We have large equipment inventory, small equipment inventory.  All must be entered in the computer.  Without interruptions, this could go fairly quickly, but who really has no interruptions?  Someone’s always looking for something.

Your freezer must be inventoried, I mean, who can really totally empty their freezer?  It just isn’t possible, unless you dispose of it in some way.  But lunch ladies hate waste so we keep it for the next term.  Your boss is saying “drastically reduce your inventory” again and again… But you have to ensure you have food so, as I said, you could never have zero inventory.
I delegate much of the cleaning to my staff, each responsible for their areas of work. This has to be done before they leave the last full day of school for the students.  I clean all of my areas and more.  Pots, kettles, steamers, ovens storeroom, freezer and walk in refrigerator.  I sweep and sometimes scrub the walk in fridge floor.  And before your staff leaves for the summer, you have evaluations to do. Ugh…

This is just a portion of all there is to do. So much work, so little time.  But, three days later I’m home for the summer.  Thankful for another school year done.  I hope your summer goes well.  
Anecdote of the Week
Ode to the Lunch Lady - Submitted Jane Broberg

We toil and sweat in the middle school kitchen.
With laughter, tears, and even some bitchin...
Is it the generous pay you ask?
Why heavens no, please pass the flask.

We ove our jobs for many a reason.
But #1 is the summertime season!
The smells, the clatter and constant chatter
And the children's smiles are what really matter.

Ovens wafting with the smell of homemade bread,
Or do you prefer the aroma of chocolate chip cookies instead?
Chicken nuggets, spaghetti and sloppy Joes,
To find out kitchen, just follow your nose.

The government would like to spoil our fun,
Their ever changing rules have us under the gun.
What temp did you say the pizza should be?
What size scoop goes in the peas?

Bruises, cuts and too many burns,
When it comes to these we all take turns,
Shredded fingernails and aching feet,
Without these, our day wouldn't be complete.
We feel we have the best job there could ever be,
Because we work with such wonderful ladies you see!

Submitted to me by someone who wished to be anonymous.


Lunch Lady Poem

We love the hairnets, the aprons and smiles.

The meals that you cook keep us going for miles.

Buts it's not just the meals; it's your kindness and care.

We think you are wonderful and love the meals you prepare.

Submitted by: Room M101

Do you think the new Child Nutrition Regulations are working?
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