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Time Flies! Update on Book

YES! Time flies!  Here it is January 2015 and I am finally getting around to finishing up my book.  What I mean is getting it ready for a real editor.  I realize as I have been collecting stories I haven't done a good job of keeping records.  I need release forms from anybody who submitted a story for my book.  Did you submit a story to me?  If so, please email me or submit the form on this site so I can email or mail a release form for you to sign.  Some of you I have email addresses.  I will be reaching out to you.  

The book has become a novel that shows the trial and tribulations of a woman who takes a job as a lunch lady, all the while going through many things personally.  She trys to do her best and learns as she goes.  I think you will be able to relate to the character.  

This school year is going so much better than last year.  I am not taking things personally and working on being as professional as I can.  

Don't forget to check out my Facebook page Hairnets and Aprons.  "Like" the page to follow me through this journey.

Take care for now!  Let me know if you submitted a story so I can get the release form to you to be signed and returned.

Take care
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Anecdote of the Week
Ode to the Lunch Lady - Submitted Jane Broberg

We toil and sweat in the middle school kitchen.
With laughter, tears, and even some bitchin...
Is it the generous pay you ask?
Why heavens no, please pass the flask.

We ove our jobs for many a reason.
But #1 is the summertime season!
The smells, the clatter and constant chatter
And the children's smiles are what really matter.

Ovens wafting with the smell of homemade bread,
Or do you prefer the aroma of chocolate chip cookies instead?
Chicken nuggets, spaghetti and sloppy Joes,
To find out kitchen, just follow your nose.

The government would like to spoil our fun,
Their ever changing rules have us under the gun.
What temp did you say the pizza should be?
What size scoop goes in the peas?

Bruises, cuts and too many burns,
When it comes to these we all take turns,
Shredded fingernails and aching feet,
Without these, our day wouldn't be complete.
We feel we have the best job there could ever be,
Because we work with such wonderful ladies you see!

Submitted to me by someone who wished to be anonymous.


Lunch Lady Poem

We love the hairnets, the aprons and smiles.

The meals that you cook keep us going for miles.

Buts it's not just the meals; it's your kindness and care.

We think you are wonderful and love the meals you prepare.

Submitted by: Room M101

Do you think the new Child Nutrition Regulations are working?
No, but notify parents..0%
No, this is stealing.0%
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